Firm, Natural, Waterproof, Coir, Latex, Cotton, Baby Cot/ Crib, Toddler/ Bunk Bed Mattress

₹2,999.00 – ₹8,999.00


Firm, breathable, Coir, PU Foam, Cotton baby Crib/ Cot , Toddler/ Bunk Bed Mattress

₹1,599.00 – ₹4,999.00


Foldable Baby Mattress/bed in a Bag, Foam topper

₹1,099.00 – ₹2,499.00


Waterproof, washable Zipped Outer Cover for 6 side Mattress Protection

₹775.00 – ₹1,800.00


Washable, Snug fit, waterproof protector for baby mattress

₹599.00 – ₹1,799.00

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Welcome to Beddy

Baby Sleep is of paramount importance as infants spend 70% of their time sleeping. The decision of the right baby bedding- a safe and firm baby mattress for their cot/crib/cradle/bed is therefore very mattress for their cot/crib/cradle/bed is therefore very important.

Being the first branded baby mattress in India (from the house of Centuary mattress), Beddy offers premium mattresses that are custom made and perfect for your newborn’s nursery, or your child’s bed.

The needs of a growing baby’s/ child’s body are different from adults and need special attention. Babies and Children need a Firm, Safe, Skin friendly, waterproof, breathable and preferably Natural/Organic Mattress. All Beddy products are therefore made with high quality (Natural Coir, Latex/ high density foam and Cotton), breathable, and mostly natural products to provide a safe and hygienic mattress for your infant

While parents love our mattresses, our foldable Bed in a Bag/ Mat and waterproof protectors are very popular newborn baby gift ideas! With Beddy, your child is in safe hands!


Beddy Updates

Our Founder Mrs.Shruti Malani’s article in @Healthcare.India.Magazine, It’s our endeavour at Beddy to increase awarenesss and develop parents prospective on the importance of the right mattress for their baby. A baby typically spends 18-22 hours of his first few months sleeping, Why is it then, that while we spend hour’s choosing the right mattress for ourselves. We make this decision for babies casually.

Beddy Updates

High quality mattresses specially designed to suit the growing needs of infants and children