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Your new born baby sleeps 18-22 hours in a day. The safest place for a baby, is a firm mattress designed to support the baby optimally. A soft mattress has the risk of suffocating the baby, while a hard mattress may not be suitable for best development.more..

In a separate bed, with a firm mattress, in the same room as the mother- preferably with their beds placed adjacent to the mother’s. more..

Well- being and health- If your baby has a medical discomfort, then he/ she might incessantly cry at night. Colic babies have an underdeveloped gastrointestinal system, which causes them discomfort. Other medical reasons, such as GERD, fever, cold etc. may affect their sleep. more..

A good baby mattress should have the following qualities:

  • Firm- Babies and children should sleep on firm mattresses that support their growing body optimally. Their mattress should neither be too soft nor too hard. more..

A baby’s sleep cycle is very different from adults. An adult’s sleep cycle is typically around 90-120 mins, while that of a baby is 50 mins. Within this cycle, there are stages of wakefulness, light sleep, vivid dream sleep and deep sleep that occur continuously. more..

Co-Sleeping is the practice of sleeping in close proximity to the parents, and is used in the context of infants/ young children. It refers to the idea of sleeping in the same room as parents , more..

The answer to this question can be really short and uncomplicated from a technical view point. It’s however, much more in reality than that. Keeping that in mind, I am writing this blog from experiences as a mother. more..

Rubberised coir is a very popular mattress component. Its unique property of being spring-like, natural and durable makes it an ideal choice for baby mattresses and nature lovers.more..

The most important specification that a mattress should conform to is being firm. The mattress should support for even distribution of weight. Secondly (preferably) a baby’s mattress should be breathable to avoid chances of suffocation and manifestation of infections/pests more

Babies and toddlers are sticklers for routine, and hence having a repetitive sleep routine shall help in soothing themselves to sleep more..

More often than not, the anxiety of whether the baby is getting “enough sleep” bothers parents. The concern is very valid as lack of sleep hinders physical, behavioural and emotional development of babies and children. It has a direct impact on their health and mental development. more..

After your little bundle of joy has arrived, you’ll spend time wondering about the best place for your baby to sleep. Well, for any parent an infant’s safety is always paramount. more.

Your new role of motherhood begins when your baby is born into this world. The best gift that you can give yourself as a mother is to get a strong foothold on whatever you have to do for your baby. more

As a new parent, you might have had to wake up in the night to feed & comfort your baby. A baby’s sleep cycle varies as they sleep for almost 16 to 17 hours a day. Following a few simple rules may help you establish a healthy sleeping routine, more.

We constantly hear about the need for a good night’s sleep but is it the only thing which plays a significant role in physical & mental development? Not exactly! more

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A lot has changed for new parents in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Coming home from the hospital after having a baby can feel overwhelming and scary, especially during these extraordinary  and uncertain times read more.

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