About Us

Dear Parents/ Parents-To- Be

I feel the anxiety you felt when you are searching for “where should my baby/child” sleep. I have gone through the same with my little ones,

When I had my first born, I had been thorough in my research- and I knew that the mattress was an important decision. 70% of my baby’s development in the first few months would happen on the mattress as he would sleep 14-18 hours a day on it.

Being the Head of Export Sales at Centuary Mattresses, I had been looking after sales of baby mattress components to leading baby mattress manufacturers all over the world for several years. It was only while I was pregnant, that I identified the strong need for designing suitable mattresses for babies and children, and offering a solution in India.

Thus, born was the BEDDY- your child’s sleep specialist- a mattress that combines 3 most important things:

  • International level research on baby mattresses, and high quality products recommended for babies and children.
  • An experienced and trusted choice for mattress producer- Centuary with over 30 years of experience in the mattress industry.
  • Love from a Mother
Shruti Malani
Co- founder, Beddy

High quality mattresses specially designed to suit the growing needs of infants and children